What we do

Our Advisory Teachers of the Deaf and Hearing Impairment (HI) advisor support any child or young person (0-25) with a diagnosed hearing loss. We visit children at home, in nurseries and schools throughout Barnet. We offer guidance, advice and support to children, their families, school staff and other agencies to help enable each child to develop a positive self-image and a good attitude to learning by experiencing success.


We do this by:

  • providing information to families on the communication, educational and audiological options available in order to enable them to make informed choices
  • advising teachers and other professionals within schools, nursery and pre-school settings
  • facilitating an environment in which a positive attitude towards deafness is nurtured
  • advising on environmental adaptations to promote a favourable listening environmen
  • providing support and strategies to develop language and communication
  • providing specialist equipment for use in schools to improve pupils’ access to the curriculum, and advising on the effective use of audiological equipment
  • providing support for the transition from home to school and from one educational setting to another
  • training staff to enable hearing impaired children to have equal access to the curriculum

Children are referred to us through audiology or a school referral. Once a referral is received the case is discussed by the team to determine whether it is accepted. Levels of support offered to individual children and young people will be guided by the nature and severity of their hearing impairment, according to the NatSIP criteria. Parents and settings are then informed of the decision. 

For details on how to contact us and more on our referral criteria and process, see our service directory listing.

Please see the flyer to the Children’s Hearing Services Working Group.