What health services are available?



Barnet has a vast range of health services for children and young people aged 0-25 years including GPs, pharmacists, dental services, optometrists and hospital services - available to everyone based on the individual’s health needs.  To find your nearest GP, dentist or pharmacist, enter your postcode on the NHS Choices search page.

Children with special educational needs and disabilities are able to access these services directly without needing to go through any kind of referral. These services are known as ‘universal’ as they are available to everyone.

People aged 14 and over who have been assessed as having moderate, severe or profound learning disabilities, or people with a mild learning disability who have other complex health needs, are entitled to a free annual health check. Ask  your GP.



Where children and young people need more support, specific services are available. In Barnet, these are commissioned by Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), sometimes in partnership with the council.  These services include:

Health professionals in Barnet coordinate their approach to supporting a young person with complex health needs through talking to one another, sharing information and jointly planning how to achieve the best outcomes.

How to access

To access most health services in Barnet, you (or your child/young person) will need to be registered with a Barnet GP.

In addition, some services will have specific entry criteria based on the level of health need. Information about entry criteria is provided on the information page for each of the services listed above but if you are unsure about whether your child/young person meets these criteria, then please ask us by emailing [email protected]

Referrals (by professionals or parents) can be made via the Child Development Service.

Take a look at 'how health services can help' for more information.


Please see 'transitions in healthe services' for more information.


Coronavirus Update: Children & Young People’s Sexual Health Information

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust [CNWL], is the health organisation providing sexual health services for Barnet Young People. The Sexual Health Service is still operating and alternatives to sexual health clinics have been set up online, with emergency appointments available. The link to find Barnet Sexual Health Services delivered by CNWL is:

Locally the following information is available on the London Borough of Barnet web page