Sometimes parents get in contact and share their story of how local services have impacted their lives.  With permission, we publish those stories here to provide other families with hope and a sense of the change that can be possible.


Young Person A, age 23 with Downs Syndrome


I don't know if you remember but last year you helped me secure funding to enable my son to attend an out of borough college.  Because of your hard work in helping me get financial assistance towards his travel, he has been able to achieve almost 100% attendance.  This in turn has led to a very successful placement. He left our local college with nothing in place to start him off into his adult life, but just 8 months at West Herts College and things are very different.  ‘A’* is 23 years old and has Downs Syndrome, and you have had a major role in helping shape his future. Because we were able to afford his travel, he has completed his supported internship. He has excelled and ABC* where he has been training have offered him a job.  He is starting his job next month as Stock Management Partner working in the Customer Collections Department.  We are all incredibly proud of him, but I am taking time to individually thank all the people that have played a role in his success.  Without the help towards his travel we could not have managed, so please accept our very greatest thanks for everything you did.  Rather than facing a life either on benefits or voluntary work, ‘A’ has a job with an excellent employer with real prospects.


*The name of the young person and the employer have been changed to maintain privacy