The Inclusion Advisory Team, formally known as The High Incidence Support Team (HIST), has grown and evolved over several years.  It now includes specialists with a range of experience and expertise in SEN and inclusion, covering Early Years and all Key Stages.

The Inclusion Advisory Team (IAT) provides specialist support from advisory teachers and experienced SEN professionals.  The team consists of:

Advisory Teachers for:

  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH)

  • Literacy Difficulties

who offer:

  • advice on identification and assessment

  • advice and training on strategies and interventions

  • strategic and systemic support relevant to the area of need

  • staff coaching

  • bespoke and evidence based training

Advisory Teachers for:

  • whole school *SEND reviews and audits that support a self-assessment framework with clear outcomes and actions

  • assistance in the development of policies, guidelines and practice to support the inclusion of children with SEND

  • support and advice developing your SEND systems and procedures

  • support with statutory SEN processes and duties

  • support and advice to new SENCOs

  • bespoke training

*for more information on SEND reviews


School Anxiety

Many children may become anxious about some aspect of school life at some point in their school lives. For some pupils, anxiety about a particular aspect of school life or home life may become overwhelming and sometimes the anxiety generalises to other aspects of school life.

To support schools and families, the Barnet SEMH (social emotional and mental health) Leading Edge Group have developed the school anxiety pack and information for schools.


Feedback from Barnet schools 2018

  • ‘Excellent training!’
  • ‘They have always come into school in a timely manner. The observations and support is helpful to the teachers.  They are happy to meet with parents and supportive of the school’s concerns.’
  • ‘A range of services can be utilised – behaviour, S&L and SENCO support and courses.’

The SEND review:

  • ‘Helped me to be reflective and strategic in developing SEND within my school’                                                                                                                                        
  •  ‘A collaborative approach to ensure inclusion is at the heart of our school.’


IAT Support Package Purchasing Time


(*includes direct input & support function)



Support Package 1






Support Package 2





Support Package 3






*On average, we work to a 3:2 ratio (direct input: support functions). Cost for bespoke pieces of work can be negotiated individually with schools when, for example, a full report is not required and more contact time would be appropriate.


** If you would like to purchase a bespoke package above 25 hours annually, this can be arranged through direct correspondence with the Inclusion Advisory Team (contact details below)



Purchasing a package of support also provides:

  • access to the three SENCO conferences, one per term - a total saving of £450.No IAT hours will be deducted against attendance at the conferences.
  • a reduction in the cost to attend central training offered by IAT

Additional hours, if a package has not been purchased or all the IAT hours have been utilised, can only be bought post April 2019 at the minimum level of 10 hours (£1250).

Examples of how IAT hours can be utilised:


Example Package A - 15 hours

Whole school SEND review (9hours)

6 attendees at training courses (e.g. TEAM TEACH: Addressing specific literacy needs; Provision Mapping)

Example Package B - 20 hours

Whole school staff INSET – e.g. SLCN (6 hours)

Consultation and report for child with SEMH needs (5 hours)

Whole school SEND review (9 hours)

 IAT Contact

 For all enquiries please email