What is Multisensory Impairment?

Multisensory impairment (sometimes called dual sensory impairment or deafblindness) is a combination of impairments to vision and hearing that can affect an individual’s communication, access to information and mobility.  Although most people with multisensory impairment have useful residual senses, either vision or hearing or both, the combination of impairments of vision and hearing can cause far more difficulty than might be expected from the impact of each separately. 

What we do

Our advisory teacher for multisensory impairment works closely with the visual impairment team and hearing impairment team to support children and young people (0-25) with multisensory impairment.  We offer guidance, advice and support to schools and families to maximise opportunities for learning and inclusion.

We do this by:

  • visiting pre-school children at home and providing early support and advice to parents and carers
  • advising and providing training to teachers and other professionals within schools, nursery and pre-school settings
  • carrying out assessments, including specialist technology assessments and providing some equipment
  • supporting children, parents/carers and schools throughout transitions
  • providing relevant information to families on the educational options available in order for them to make informed choices
  • providing information about sources of support and relevant organisations, including parent groups and extra-curricular activities
  • encouraging and promoting positive attitudes towards children and young people with a multi-sensory impairment within the school environment and local communities.

We operate an open referral policy.  Once a referral is received the case is discussed by the team to determine whether it is accepted.  Levels of support offered to individual children and young people will be guided by the nature & severity of their visual impairment and hearing impairment according to the NatSIP criteria.  Parents and settings are then informed of the decision.