The Community Equipment Service offers choice, flexibility and ease of access to aids for daily living which can help your child with activities such as bathing, walking, toileting and personal care.  The support can range from simple aids to more complex equipment.

The equipment and adaptation service is provided to people of all ages who live within the London Borough of Barnet.  It is specifically for people  with health or social care needs, or for those with health needs who reside outside of Barnet boundaries, but who are registered with an NHS Barnet GP.

Our current equipment and adaption provider is Millbrook Healthcare.


Types of equipment available

Community equipment provide a range of products designed to help your child to be:

  • as active as possible
  • as comfortable and independent as possible
  • safe within in the community

Equipment ranges from relatively simple items, such as crutches and frames to aid mobility, to complex equipment like beds, hoists and pressure care equipment.

As the equipment is provided by the London Borough of Barnet or the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), to find out whether you are eligible, you will need to be assessed by a local therapist or clinician. 

Once you’ve been assessed, and equipment has been prescribed for you, delivery of equipment will be arranged.

The service provided by Millbrook Healthcare includes delivery and installation, servicing and maintenance, and collection of equipment that has been ordered by a prescriber, GP, nurse, therapist or a social services provider. They can also make adaptations to people’s homes.