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Barnet 'My Support Plan'

Barnet 'My Support Plan' created by NB published on 16 October 2018

The Barnet ‘My Support Plan' is a template for children and young people identified at SEN Support.  It forms part of an exemplar framework and reflects the four-stage cycle of Assess – Plan – Do – Review.  It involves parents and the child or young person at the earliest stage with a person-centred planning component in the form of a one page profile.

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SEND Preparing for Adulthood Workshop

created by NB published on 08 October 2018

A SEND workshop for Barnet parents and carers that has been jointly organised by education and representatives of the Barnet SEND parent community. The workshop is an opportunity for the Barnet community to learn more about how we can work together to prepare our children and young people for adulthood from their earliest years.

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