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Barnet Health Conference 2020

created by NB published on 13 February 2020

Please see the document below for the slides from all of the presentations from the Barnet Heatlth Conference: Barnet Health Conference Presentations

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Art Against Knives

created by NB published on 21 November 2019

ART AGAINST KNIVES GALLERY supports young people at risk of violent crime. The diverse collection of work is donated by established and up-and-coming Creatives, Artists, Designers and Galleries in support of the charity ART AGAINST KNIVES.

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New Annual Review Report Form

created by Samantha Rothwell published on 12 November 2019

The local authority has a number of SEND Development workstreams including one focused on the EHC Processes and Paperwork. The workstream includes membership from school colleagues, parents, Specialist Advisory Teachers and health and social care professionals.

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Consultation Response – SEN Place Plan

created by NB published on 10 October 2019

All local authorities are required to regularly review and update their plans about their SEN provision. The council undertook a consultation in the summer term 2019 seeking views about the type of SEN provision we need in Barnet.

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New Barnet Transition Passport

created by Samantha Rothwell published on 09 October 2019

We are excited to share the launch of our new Barnet Transition Passport. The Transition Passport was originally designed to support the post 16 transition of young people with additional support needs in Barnet. However, the template may be adapted to support the transition of children and young people at other stages of their education.

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