​Political leadership

Councillor Longstaff is Barnet's Lead Member for Children's Services (LMCS) and holds political accountability for all local authority children’s services, including education and social care.

Professional leadership

Chris Munday is the Strategic Director for Children and Young People and holds professsional accountability for children's services, including education and social care.


Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Health services in Barnet are bought or ‘commissioned’ on behalf of residents by Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), an NHS organisation led by clinicians.  This is usually done through contracts with hospitals and community health providers. For patients, this means that Doctors are now heavily involved in ensuring the provision of local health services, and will work more collaboratively with other organisations in making decisions about health. 


Click through to the following pages to see 'who's who' in Barnet's Clinical Commissioning Group:


Barnet with Cambridge Education

In April 2016 the London Borough of Barnet entered a partnership with Cambridge Education, under which Cambridge Education will manage the Education and Skills service for seven years.  The partnership aims to maintain Barnet’s excellent education offer and the good relationship between the Council and schools, whilst also achieving the budget savings required by changes in local authority funding.  Click here to see how our SEND services are structured.