SEND Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Our JSNA looks at all the evidence available for children and young people with special needs and disabilities within Barnet Council and all health partners, combined with nationally published statistics and research materials.  The evidence base looks at current literature and Barnet intelligence about the prevalence and trends in special educational needs and/or disability in the borough.  It explores the characteristics of the children and young people and discusses the factors which can lead to a child having special educational needs and/or disability . The JSNA represents an accurate picture of known data and information available as of May 2017.  A key recommendation of the JSNA is to improve the sharing of data between health, social care and education, and it is recommended that this JSNA is refreshed once a single database is introduced.

You can view Barnet's SEND JSNA here.


Special Provision Fund Allocation

We have been working with families, schools and stakeholders to plan for the next phase of provision for pupils with SEND.  Our ambition continues to be to provide as many local places as possible for pupils with Education, Health and Care Plans as we are committed to increasing parental choice and improving outcomes for our most vulnerable children and young adults.  This document shows how we have done this and how to plan to develop our local offer further.

The special provision plan shows local groups how Barnet is investing in capital projects to get good outcomes for pupils with education, health and care (EHC) plans for their special educational need or disability.


Chalgrove Primary School Consultation

Following the 4 week statutory consultation period, this notice is to confirm the proposal for a new provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities to open on the site of Chalgrove primary School. The full notice can be found here.

You can read the full proposal here.