What is the Barnet Early Years SEND Advisory Team?

An integrated specialist early years advice and intervention service.


Our role is to support children under 5 who live in Barnet who are likely to have Special Educational Needs (SEN). We support children at home and in their early years settings until they start at a maintained school setting. 

Our role includes supporting Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) early years settings in Barnet, (who take children on government funding)  to include and support all children with Special Educational Needs.


Barnet Early Years SEND Advisory Team Intervention Pathways

  • Our Universal Pathway to early years settings consists of inclusion advice such as identification of needs, training and general inclusion strategies.
  • Out Targeted  Pathway  is primarily delivered through the child’s early years setting. This may include observations, modelling of supporting strategies and supporting the Assess Plan Do Review process.
  • Our Specialist Pathway is for children who are likely to have significant developmental needs. This offer includes parent /carer Workshops, home support, and setting support.

We undertake informal assessments of the child’s needs and monitoring of a child’s progress. This is always undertaken jointly with parents/carers.

Learning outcomes are written together with parents/carers/early years settings and we provide strategies on how to help a child achieve the outcomes.

We signpost and share information of other support available eg benefits, voluntary groups and we can refer on to other agencies with parent/carer permission

Support during transition to nursery or school is provided

We will act as key workers if appropriate

  • Children in a setting - The EYSEND Advisor attached to the setting will support on both elements of setting and home support.
  • Children not in a setting - They will be offered Specialist Pathway through home-based teaching.
  • Families and settings are offered a wide range of workshops and training to support their child’s development and to access advice and support from other local agencies.
  • *The team does not support children who are already in maintained school nurseries on Fee 3 or specialist settings.
  • Referral Criteria for Targeted Pathway. Attendance at a Barnet PVI Early Years Setting, regardless of borough of residence
  • Referral Criteria for Specialist Pathway. Referrals for Specialist Pathway of support are made through Barnet’s weekly multi-agency referral meeting. This meeting is a single referral route to access support from speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, paediatrician and specialist teaching (including the Early Years SEND Advisory Team). With Parental permission, professionals can refer children to this meeting where the referral is discussed and appropriate services are then allocated. We also accept referrals directly from parents. The child must reside in Barnet. Use the links below for more information on referrals


Barnet Child Development Service 

Referral form


Early Years Send Advisory Team involvement ceases when a child:

  • Starts attending a Specialist Nursery eg Acorn/Kingfisher Livingstone
  • Transfers to BEAM or other Local Authority  Specialist Teaching Service eg Physical Disability Team
  • Starts attending a Local Authority maintained school nursery or reception class.
  • Starts attending a special school
  • Moves out of the borough of Barnet


For more information please look at the website:


or contact us on:

Parents and carers to email – admin@eysend.barnetmail.net

Barnet Early Years PVI settings email – adviceline@eyit.barnetmail.net

Team Leads - Jenny Luxon and Joann Moore