Most children are able to travel to and from school either by themselves or with a parent or other adult.

However, some children will be unable to do so because of their physical or learning disability. In such cases, we may offer assistance with transport.

If a child goes to a special school or has an Education, Health and Care Plan or statement of SEN, this doesn't automatically mean that he or she qualifies for help with transport. Each application for travel assistance is considered individually.

We will consider distances and will also look at the child's special needs before we decide whether to provide help with transport and what form the transport assistance will take.

Where assistance is agreed, consideration is then given to how the pupil will travel to school. The offer of assistance will take account of the needs of the child, the distance from home to school, the suitability and availability of public transport, whether there is already transport going to the named school, and the efficient use of Council resources.

In addition, the Council will seek options which promote independence and the well-being of pupils including, for example, encouraging a healthy lifestyle by walking a reasonable distance where the pupil is mobile and the route is safe.


Travel options will be appropriate for the needs of the child and considered in the following order:

  1. Walking to school, accompanied as necessary by the parent/carer.
  2. Walking bus organised by the school.
  3. Travel pass/Oyster Card for the pupil to travel unaccompanied.
  4. Travel pass/Oyster Card for the parent/carer to accompany the pupil.
  5. Personal Travel Budget (PTB) to assist with the cost when the parent/carer agrees to take full responsibility for getting the child to school. A PTB is funding that is provided directly to parents/carers monthly via direct debit, to arrange their own travel solutions. This gives families the independence and flexibility to manage and co-ordinate their own transport arrangements. For example, the funding can be used to contribute towards; travel cards, transport attendants, taxis, private school buses etc. The amount offered will vary depending on the distance from home to school, circumstance, resources available and other factors.
  6. a mileage allowance for parents to use their own car to transport the pupil.
  7. funding for a passenger assistant to accompany the child, either walking or by public transport.
  8. a seat on a shared school coach or minibus arranged by the Council.

All travel assistance will be reviewed on a regular basis which takes into account the developing needs of the child along with any changes in local or national policy and practice. We will look at travel assistance offered during the annual review but also from time to time during the year.

SEN Home to School Travel Assistance Policy

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, a Statement of Special Educational Needs, or a disability which means they cannot walk of travel by public transport, please refer to the SEN Home to School Travel Assistance Policy for more information.

5 - 15 years

You can also download an application form for travel assistance. Application Form for Travel Assistance: 5 years -15 years old

16 - 25 years

If you're over 16 but under 25 years, please refer to the Policy and Arrangements for the Provision of Transport for 16-25 Year Olds to Access Appropriate Education and Training for further information.

For further information please contact [email protected]. You can also download an application form for travel assistance. Application Form for Travel Assistance: 19 years -25 years old.

Please ensure applications for the next academic year are completed and sent in before 01 July. Any applications received after this date may not have travel arrangements in place for the start of the new academic year.

Note regarding 16 - 18 years

Please note: The local authority does not have a duty to provide free transport for young people that are of sixth form age for education or training. This means students aged 16 to 18. It also includes 19 year olds if they are continuing a course which they started before the age of 19.

The Local Authority encourages and expects most learners of this age to use public transport and travel independently because of the beneficial effects this will have on the young person’s personal development and pathway to adulthood. However, we recognise that in some circumstances additional assistance with travel may be required.

Therefore, if you feel the young person has exceptional circumstances please complete this form, providing the necessary evidence where applicable.  You can also download an application form for travel assistance. Application Form for Travel Assistance: 16 years -19 years old. Further guidance on the application process can be found in the SEN Home to School Travel Assistance – Guidance on application process.

The Transport Brokering Team can be contacted via phone on 020 8359 4038 / 020 8359 5110. Alternatively, you can contact the team via email on [email protected] .