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Update on Therapies for Schools - 20th September 2021

created by SR published on 20 September 2021

Click here to read the latest update on therapies for schools. Letter to Schools - 20th September 2021

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Barnet Parent Carers Annual Conference: 28 June 2021

created by NB published on 28 July 2021

Please see below the presentations from the Barnet Parent Carers Annual Conference 2021:  Adults Carers Services 2021 Barnet Carers Interactive PDF Barnet Integrated Clinical Services Barnet Parent Carer Forum Contact Details Barnet Resilient Schools Keeping Well to Care Effectively Mental Health Conference Q&As

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Phase Transfer Information 2021

created by SR published on 27 July 2021

Phase Transfer Information 2021   Our Head of SEN Assessments and Placements Team, Linda Orr, recently held information sessions for parents/carers on the Phase Transfer Process for 2021.

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Part-time timetables for children and young people of compulsory school age.

created by GC published on 29 June 2021

This guidance is intended to protect both children and young people (YP) as well as schools and education settings, should a reduced/part-time timetable be used, (this is not to be confused with flexi-schooling) and ensure that no child/YP is excluded illegally or unlawfully through a reduced or part-time timetable.

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BOOST - online Careers Club for young people

created by SR published on 10 June 2021

Barnet BOOST are offering the opportunity for young people to discuss career options, job opportunities, and gain support in applying for jobs from top tips for CVs and interviews to how to look for work, and choose further education. Their online drop ins are held every Tuesday at 2pm with a Youth Lead who is there to advice and support you. How do I find out more?

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