Early Years 

Here you will find information to support you in your setting with children with SEND in the early years.  This includes a range of resources from an Initial Concern Form template and an Identification of Needs toolkit for Early Years.


Our Barnet SEND Early Years Team

As well as the information below, our Barnet SEND Early Years Team is the team that support PVis with their SEND work. They also work directly with families if they are accessing the specialist offer.

The link below directs you to their website which contains a wealth of resources, top tips and information about how to support early years children. Do take a look and share with your early years colleagues. 

Barnet SEND Early Years Team Website Link


Here you will find the Early Years Initial Concern Form and the Early Years Identification Toolkit to support you in your role.

The Initial concern form has information and questions that you will want to consider if you are making referrals to other professionals as well as the Identification toolkit. The Identification Toolkit EYS June 2021 is the information without the initial concern form.

Early Years Identification Concern Form

Early Years Identification Toolkit

EY SENIF Request Form




Here you will find a wide range of resources to support children in Early Years. This is broken down into the following categories to help you find what you need:

  1. General resources
  2. Developing Talk


1. General resources



2. Developing Talk