At our last Secondary SENCO Challenge Workshop, we were delighted to welcome the Post 16 Education & Skills team to share the fantastic work that they do and to talk about the different pathways that are available at Post 16 to support young peoplewith next steps. Sharon Glover (Operations Manager) along with Ciaran McCallister (Education Employment and Training Adviser) and Zoreena Daniels (Post 16 Support Officer)gave a very helpful presentation on their team, the work that they undertake, and the range of Post 16 pathways available, particularly specific programmes that are on offer for young people with complex needs.

The presentation included information about:

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During the presentation, the team spoke about the importance of supporting young people, particularly those with complex needs, through these choices: 

‘Young people often have to make important choices at age 16 and a knowledge of the provision available is essential; this is especially important for young people with Learning Disability or Learning difficulties who we know face significant challenges particularly later in life in gaining employment: thus a knowledge of both the general and more specialist opportunities for these young people is essential. (Barnet Post 16 Education & Skills Team) 

A copy of the presentation, along with flyers about a range of post 16 programmes, can be found here: 

Post 16 presentation

MENCAP Traineeship Programme

Project Search

MENCAP's intern and outcomes programme

Bright Futures - Barnet MENCAP


If you would like to find out more about the Post 16 team and the support they can offer, please contact either Sharon Glover or Zoreena Daniels  


Into Adulthood Resource Hub - Council for Disabled Children 

Ensuring good outcomes for young people as they move into adulthood is essential. 

The Council for Disabled Children has devleoped a number of helpful resources to support young people to have a positive experience of their transition into Post 16.

You can visit their 'Into Adulthood Resource Hub' for further information.


Other helpful resources: 

  • Post 16 Leaflet for Young People (Council for Disabled Children) 

  • Education, Health and Care Plans – Examples of good practice from Year 9 and beyond  


Secondary SENCO Challenge Workshop

Our next Secondary SENCO Challenge Workshop will take place on Wednesday 16th October from 2-3.30pm at Finchley Catholic High School. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet other secondary SENCOs and to share knowledge about different aspects of special educational needs.

If you would like to book a place, please email Samantha Rothwell at: