What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is really about how you are feeling and how you are coping with everyday life. Our wellbeing doesn't stay the same all of the time. It can naturally go up and down at different times because of something specific or for no particular reason.


Why is wellbeing important?

Through life's ups and downs, we all feel a range of different emotions. Sometimes we will get angry, frustrated or sad, this is natural and makes us human. If we feel these ways for longer periods of time and are finding it hard to deal with everyday life, that might be a clue that our wellbeing is changing.


           When our wellbeing is good we can:

           -  Feel good about ourselves overall

           -  Have good relationships

           -  Feel confident in different things we do

           -  Enjoy our lives

           -  Deal with stress in everyday life


     What can affect our wellbeing?

  •           -  How we are feeling physically in ourselves
  •           -  How our relationships are
  •           -  How much we can communicate what we are thinking and feeling
  •           -  How we feel about our environment (school, home, work)
  •           -  Things that happen in our lives that cause stress
  •           -  Or other areas of life


Helpful Links

Here are some links to general advice on looking after and improving wellbeing:


Live WEll - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

The NHS talks about 5 steps to improving mental wellbeing on thier Live Well page.


Every Mind Matters

The Every Mind Matters campaign gives tips on improving wellbeing. When you take the Your Mind Plan Quiz, you can get a free plan around dealing with stress, anxiety and improving sleep.


Looking After your Wellbeing (Mind)

This Mind page is aimed at young people, giving advice around different ways to look after wellbeing.


MindEd for Families

This has advice and information for families put together by a team of professionals and parents/carers.


Anna Freud Centre

A mental health charity which has advice and information for young people and their families as well as professionals.


Young Minds

A children and young people's mental health charity which has advice, information and practical tools to support young people, families and professionals.