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0-25 Disability Service
Description of activity

Barnet’s 0 - 25 Disability Service offers social care support to children from birth to 25 who have a profound disability, severe disability, multiple disability or a complex and long-term health condition resulting in profound disability. Additionally, we offer a service to young people aged 18 to 25 who have a diagnosed learning or physical disability.

Telephone :
0-25 Disability Duty CHILDRENS (Age up to 17) 020 8359 5608

0-25 Disability Duty 18+ (Age 18-25) 020 8359 5302

0-25 Disability Duty SAT (Specialist Autism Team) 020 8359 5309

Referral Criteria

For children 0 - 18 families can self-refer or be referred by another agency they are in contact with such as a GP or a health worker.
Referrals are made via the Barnet Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0208 359 4066 or email

The MASH team will then contact us to check if your child is likely to meet our eligibility criteria. You will need to have information that confirms details about your child's disability. This may be recent medical reports or letters from the medical consultants who are responsible for your child's care. We will not see these reports without your consent.

Once we have this information we will complete an assessment to ascertain your child's needs. This will allow us to make recommendations on support and help for your child and the whole family.

Contact Details

Address 1
0-25 Disability Service
Address 2
2 Bristol Avenue


Type of Service
Social care
Age Range
Early years (0-5 years old) Primary school (5-11 years old) Secondary school (11-16 years old) Preparing for adulthood (16-25 years old)
Generic SEND services
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