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The Student Hub at East Barnet School has grown up! 

Find out how the team at East Barnet School created their new Student Hub.

Following the recovery from COVID, East Barnet School were aware of a significant increase in the need for support for pupils' social, emotional and mental health.  With the support of their Senior Leadership Team, and the sheer hard work and determination of their SEMH Assistant and Autism Lead, they have transformed their inclusion area into a fantastic new Student Hub.

About the new Student Hub...

Liz Tzouliou, Autism Lead at East Barnet School, writes:

'The Student Hub at East Barnet School has grown up.  From our small room that only had room for six students that needed to push past the teacher's desk, past the coat hanger, over the rabbits ,'be careful the plant' to find their chair, can now fly into our bigger room five at a time. 

'...the room is now a warm well-equipped space...'

With enough space to open your arms wide in greeting, to having a very quiet place to bring thoughts together,  the room is now a warm well-equipped space. 


New Sensory Wall

The sensory wall that provides tactile sensory input caters for those that need to self-regulate and find comfort and security in a space that allows them to make connections and explore their senses.  

Here they come together with others that maybe experiencing similar challenges.  Where support is on hand to steer, guide, and support all worries and anxieties that life serves us with.

The aim is for our new Student Hub to help improve the self-esteem and social interaction of our students and to give them the opportunity to flourish and be the best they can.



Photos of the new Student Hub


The new sensory room with an amazing tactile wall


Thank you to the team at East Barnet School for sharing such a wonderful project and for all their hard work in creating such an important space for their students. There is no doubt that this will be a valuable part of their SEN and inclusion provision at the school. 


Tell us about your project...

If you would like to share a project or something you are developing as part of your SEN and inclusion provision in your school, please let us know, we'd love to hear about it.



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