Year 9 is the time when people are supported to think about growing up and leaving schools. It is good to think about what to do after school and begin to make some plans. If the young person has an EHCP this 'transition' planning will happen through the year 9 Annual Review. Otherwise it will be through the ‘My SEN Support Plan’ or through careers and school support plans. The school’s Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) will help plan for this from the age of 14. If a young person has disabilities their social worker will also be involved in the review. This is an opportunity to begin to plan for future jobs and careers. The Annual Review meeting is the time to bring together the thinking the young person and their family and school will have prepared about what is important to them now and in the future, including what work may interest them. Questions will be about what sort of paid work the young person would like when an adult, where they want to live, and what activities and skills they will need to learn and practice to reach these.


Short term and long terms outcomes are agreed to support the progress of the young person in meeting their educational and career aspirations. These steps need to prepare and support them to achieve the preparing for adulthood outcomes:


As this is a different approach to what has gone before families may need to be supported to do this. The school will have considered who will support the young person to develop their career plan. This support could come from the school curriculum or a careers adviser or service, a supported employment service or the young person’s family or circle of support. Year 9 may seem too soon to be looking for a job, but it is important to plan for work experience the following year.


The Preparing for Adulthood Transition Planning and Support protocol details what should happen for young people in Year 9, aged 13 to 14 years, when it should happen and who is responsible.