Secondary Online Learning - Useful Websites

Most Popular Websites - All Subjects

  • BBC Bitesize - With segregated topics, key stages and exam boards, BBC Bitesize will tailor the information it gives you depending on the exam board you are using to give you the best suited information, tasks and tests
  • BBC Teach - Links to external learning-related websites, outside of the BBC
  • Collins GCSE Revision and Practice   
  • Pearson Online Books - E-books covering many subject areas and levels covered Including: English, Maths, sciences, German, French, Spanish, Business Studies, Drama, History, Geography, Computer Science and Statistics
  • Brain Pop - The amount of educational resources on Brain Pop is VERY impressive, with topics covering everything from science and English to health and art. There are loads of games and activities to choose from
  • Quizlet - Quizlet is a website that provides learning tools and games to help revise anything from poetry terminology to musical notes. Think flashcards but much more interactive and fun. You can use cards other users have already made, or make your own set specific to what your child needs to learn. Its nifty world map also shows you who else is studying on Quizlet.

English Literature

  • Sparknotes - A similar(ish) website to BBC Bitesize. You’ll find notes on most of the English Literature texts, plus quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Cliffsnotes - There’s plenty here to help you revise the core English Literature texts – chapter summaries, character overviews, quizzes and essay questions
  • Universal Teacher - This website is quite extensive. It’s got comprehensive notes on most of the English Literature texts, and there’s also relevant information that you can use to help revise for English Language.

Maths Resources

  • Teachit Maths - Offering a tremendous amount of resources covering most topics across the curriculum this site is not to be missed. You do have to register an account on the website in order to download the free resources, but it is free to do so, PDF documents are free to download but you can pay for different formats. To change the subject, click on the ‘other subject’s’ box in the top left hand corner of the page
  • Nrich Maths Secondary - Project created by Cambridge University and features Maths resources to enrich learning, including games and activities
  • Corbett Maths - Resources for the new 9-1 GCSE maths syllabus
  • Math Is Fun - A great resource full of handy real-life demonstrations of maths problems

 Science Resources

ESOL Resources

  • Headway English Online - Beginner to advanced resources including grammar, vocabulary, everyday English and tests
  • British Council - Online course with a free English test to help find levels. Listening and reading materials and grammar and vocabulary sections. Particularly good for UMC’s for who have EAL
  • Perfect English Grammar - English grammar courses covering all aspects
  • Games to Learn English - This is a free site for students to learn English online. There is a selection of games that students can use to practice learning English in a fun way.

Other Subject Resources