Primary Online Learning - Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize - activities and support for a range of topics aimed at different levels A range of fun activities, links, videos lots of fun linked to learning.

English Support

  • Oxfordowl - All ages Early Years through to Year 6 - Free printable activities and fun interactive online learning games
  • Storynory - Stories for Key Stage 2 children (7-11 years old)
  • Audible - Thousands of free books for children from Amazon’s Audible Books
  • Starfall - Make a word - Literacy games for younger children ( up to 7 years old)
  • Crickweb – Literacy and Maths Games for all children - Conquer crosswords, sort your way through different sounds or ace anatomy with for kids aged 4-11. Very good range of Maths Games too.

Maths Support

  • TopMarks - Lots of online Maths Games and activities (American so says Grade rather than Year Group – click on them to find best games for you).  Click on IXL at the top as this also provides lots of Maths resources and uses Year Groups to help you find what area to go to
  • Corbett Maths – Excellent Videos and worksheets.  This is a brilliant site for watching how do work out number calculations. It clearly shows how children are learning to do maths now and each video slowly shows how to do a maths calculation
  • Maths Frame - Looking for some maths games to play? This site offers some fantastic free mathematics games for primary students with a focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, sequences, number bonds, Venn diagrams and time.

Science Support

Creative Ideas

For Younger Children

For Older Children

  • Toytheatre - Digital Art Website - Children can learn about and create their own types of art online
  • Bomomo – create crazy picures with digital tools
  • Scrapcolouring - Very creative website – Great pictures to colour and create using patchwork patterns and colouring techniques

Museum Websites

  • Science Museum -  You can always rely on the Science Museum to spark an interest in learning. And while there's nothing like being there in person, the website is packed full of creative games and activities
  • Natural History Museum – become a Naturenaughts, plus learn how to identify different insects, plants, and fossils
  • Museum of London - The Great Fire of London - Travel back to 1666 on The Great Fire of London website, which makes history fun using Minecraft maps, a video game, and an interactive timeline of events