As a Designated Teacher, you play a key role and can really make a difference to young people in care. According to feedback from Staffordshire Virtual School, children in care agreed that knowing and having a good relationship with their DT was one of the most important factors supporting them in school. They list 5 top tips for listening to the voice of the child:

  1. Be available, take time to get to know me
  2. Notice if I am upset or angry and listen to me when I need help - see our section on Emotion Coaching
  3. Understand that even though I've had a different past than most people, it doesn't mean that I need to be treated differently
  4. Understand my experience of being Looked After
  5. Understand that my past will affect my present and future behaviour even if I don't notice

Go this website to find out 10 things children looked after want you to know:  

Educational Achievement and Progress

It is a statutory requirement that every Child in Care of statutory school age has a PEP that should be monitored and updated, along with the care plan. Schools are expected to Chair the meeting but a social worker must attend. The Virtual School will attend many of the PEP meetings. In Barnet PEPs are completed on line through Welfare Call.

  • The PEP is an evolving record of what needs to happen for Children in Care to enable them to fulfil their potential
  • It is a way of supporting the education of a young person in care
  • It provides a mechanism for consulting, listening to and involving the young person in their educational experience
  • The PEP is intended to enhance stability, achieve continuity and raise the expectations and self-esteem of the young person
  • It acknowledges achievement and celebrates success
  • There is an expectation that PEPs will be carried out on a termly

New to being a Designated Teacher (DT) or New to Barnet

If you a new DT  or new to Barnet, please contact us. We will send you the information you need and inform you of any up and coming training.

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