In Barnet we aim to work closely with parent/carers and plan together the support a child or young person needs.

We try to make sure that resources are shared so that all children who need it receive the support and services they need. For some services we have to set eligibility criteria so that it is clear how we make decisions on which children can access these resources.

Sometimes families do not agree with the decisions we make. When that happens, we do try to do everything we can to resolve the disagreement first through discussion. There are lots of ways to resolve the disagreement in the first place and we really want to do this together with you.

Children and young people's needs change over time and we want to make sure that families don't struggle if disagreements about the support being provided to your child arises.

If you have a concern about a decision, in the first instance please contact your Caseworker to discuss your concern. If this does not resolve your concern they will ask a manager to assist. You may also wish to have a meeting with SEN, school and possibly relevant professionals to work through your concerns in greater depth.   If this has not resolved all your concerns it may help to set out your concern to us formally using the Barnet’s Complaint Policy or through the tribunal process, whichever is the most applicable.


If the request for an EHC Needs Assessment is declined, or the Local Authority do not agree to issue a Plan following an EHC Needs Assessment, the parent/carer or young person will be sent a letter detailing the reasons for making this decision. Parents/carers and young people can get information, advice and support from the Barnet SEND Information, Advice and Support Service.  There will always be an opportunity to request a meeting to discuss the decision in more detail.


If a resolution cannot be met, then parents/carers or the young person has a right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (Education and Disability).  Using Barnet’s SEND Information, Advice and Support Service, or discussing concerns with the SEN team does not prevent the right of appeal to the Tribunal if necessary.  Before the appeal you must contact a mediation advisor.  The purpose is to consider whether mediation is a means to resolving the disagreement.  The service is independent and free for you to use, Kids London SEN Mediation Service can be contacted on 0207 359 3635. 


Further details will be included in the letter sent to parents/carers or the young person detailing the decision made.