If the Local Authority decides to proceed with an EHC plan, they will use the information gathered along with parent/carer and child or young persons views, wishes and feelings to draft a Plan. The resources identified as being needed to deliver the plan will be agreed and allocated.  Where appropriate Personal Budgets will be agreed. A Personal Budget is an amount of money identified by the local authority has identified that can be used by the parent or young person to provide some of the services set out in an EHC plan. A Personal Budget can only be used for agreed provision in the EHC plan.  More information about Personal Budgets can be found here.


Once the plan has been written, a draft will be sent out which will not contain the name of the education setting the child/young person will attend. Parent/carer or young person will be given 15 days to comment on the draft and a meeting to discuss the draft plan can be requested during this time. At that meeting, a request for a specific education setting can be made.