The Area SENCOs in the Pre-school Inclusion Team support Barnet’s private, voluntary and independent early years settings, Children’s Centres and Child-minding Quality and Support Officers who support all child minding settings. The Team work to promote inclusive learning environments and to support, up skill and empower Early Years Setting SENCOs to carry out their role and duties.

Much of the team’s core work is carried out through Consultation visits.  This flexible, tiered system for the number of visits each setting receives per term, ensures that the team is able to respond to the changing needs of settings but which includes at least one termly contact/visit in order to:

Promote the inclusion of all children by supporting setting SENCOs / Managers to:

  • create enabling and inclusive learning environments

  • be aware of the Equality Act 2010, have regard to their anticipatory duties and the duty to make reasonable adjustments

  • have knowledge of the Code of Practice for SEND (2014) and use the Graduated Approach to support identified children

  • Keep up to date with new developments in SEND locally and nationally

Promote early intervention by supporting setting SENCOs and Practitioners with:

  • the identification of children who are at the early intervention (monitoring) stage of concern.

  • reflecting on their practice and environment to meet individual children’s needs

  • observations and next steps

  • advice on a range of strategies to support individual differences

  • working alongside parents and building positive relationships

  • signposting parents to wider more general support including health services

Support the setting SENCO to:

  • ensure that the SEN Profile is up to date and regularly reviewed
  • apply the APDR (assess, plan, do, review) process and SMART outcomes for individual children

  • make appropriate and timely referrals to outside professionals and agencies and to further liaise with them

  • write reports for referrals, EHCP Requests, SENIF etc.

  • meet with parents and ensure that there is co-production on any SEN support plan or EHCP request

  • chair and record a variety of meetings (SEN support plan, transition, Team-Around-the-Child (TAC) annual review etc.)

  • plan positive transitions in to and out of early years settings ensuring that training, links with outside professionals, health care plans etc. are in place

  • make timely applications for EHCPs in order to support school entry as necessary

  • signpost staff and parents to the Local Offer, children’s centres, other professionals etc. as appropriate


Support setting SENCOs and early years practitioners to meet the needs of identified children by providing:

  • a SENCO training course for all new SENCOs

  • a set of protocols and documentation to support the implementation of the Graduated Approach, transitions etc.

  • access to a ‘one-stop-shop’ website containingBarnet’s Early Years SENCO Handbook, Toolkit, Guidance and Advice booklets, Transition documents, training informationapplication packs etc. for all early years members of staff

  • a central training programme with relevant themes such as sensory processing, visual supports, Autism, Makaton etc

  • small group work and training through whole staff INSET such as Small Circles Language groups, Moving Matters motor skills groups, Makaton etc.


For more information please contact Hilary Solomon on 020 8359 7612 or 020 8368 5336 extn 4 then ext 3 or