Barnet Educational Psychology Team

What do Educational Psychologists do?

We work across nurseries, schools and colleges

The work an EP carries out may include:

  • working with key members of staff in the school or setting
  • facilitating a meeting between school staff and parents to gather information about a child’s learning and their progress
  • observing a child at school and/or working with them individually
  • working with small groups of staff or children and young people to offer specific support & strategies.

Based on the information gathered, an Educational Psychologist may then suggest:

  • ideas of how the child’s school, teachers or key worker can help
  • ideas of how parents may be able to help
  • referral to another agency for further advice or support.

How can I access the service?

Schools and educational settings within Barnet buy EP time that is delivered in schools and can also be used to deliver training and interventions. This is purchased through the BPSI trading catalogue.


Interventions for children, young people and school staff

The Educational Psychology team offer interventions to support positive outcomes for children and young people. These focus on promoting emotional well-being and learning, through working with individuals, groups, school staff and parents.

Interventions use collaborative problem-solving approaches and evidenced based practice. Interventions are delivered by Barnet educational psychologists who are trained and experienced in that intervention.

Please look at the interventions designed to support school staff and to support the emotional well-being of children and young people.

2020 Autumn Term Training

Barnet educational psychology team offers a range of training for parents, professionals and school and education settings. Our training is advertised on the Barnet Local Offer ‘Events’ page.

Results of our survey for Barnet children and young people

Thank you for your support with the Barnet educational psychology team survey about children and young people’s experience of the Covid-19 lockdown and  thoughts about return to school for the autumn term. There were 402 responses.
Please find attached a short report (primary version and secondary version) detailing the responses and themes from the survey and the key points that children and young people have said will support return to school.   The information provided is anonymous.

Feedback to the children and young people taking part is attached as a video link. There is a primary age feedback session and a secondary age feedback session.

The videos can be found here:

Primary Feedback Session


Secondary Feedback Session

If you have any questions about this survey please email

Thank you for your interest and for your support to communicate the survey and the results.

Covid-19 Related Training

During the spring and summer months we offered a number of training sessions to support our school and parent community.

We have paused our training offer during the school summer holidays. Please see a list of the training that was offered, below. If you are interested in training around any of our themes then please talk with your link educational psychologist or email

  • How can schools support children and young people with bereavement and loss?
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Anxiety: what is it and what can we do?
  • Transitioning and preparing for the new normal
  • Supporting staff wellbeing during difficult times
  • An introduction to Zones of Regulation

Head Teachers and Senior Leaders coaching/supervision

Some Head Teachers and senior leaders may value individual coaching/supervision sessions. If this is of interest, please contact, Principal Educational Psychologist, or, Senior Educational Psychologist detailing the type of support you may want.

Group supervision sessions for SENCOs and SENCO reflection groups

These groups offer a confidential space for SENCOs to meet virtually to discuss school-based concerns, issues and situations.  More information is in the intervention section of the web-page.  


Parent/carer consultations

The educational psychologists and specialist teachers offer 45-minute phone consultation slots for Barnet parents and carers.  Please see the Barnet Local Offer ‘Events’ page for more information on the drop-ins and how to book a place. Some recent feedback from these sessions includes:

“I feel more confident. I know what to do next and I feel relieved to see there are specialists at work.”

“It was so helpful to speak to someone about my concerns. Knowing the next steps and how to move forward.”


Useful Information