Local families have provided us with lots of feedback about our local offer, and we have used that to develop a new website that we hope will be much easier to use.

The chart below summarises some of the feedback we took on board when planning the new site, and explains the changes we’ve made to make the site as useful and user-friendly as possible.

However, websites are always ‘works in progress’ as content is added and developed.  If you think there is something missing, or if something isn’t clear, please contact us and we’ll do our best to act on your feedback.   Equally, if you like the site, please let us know that too!




Make key events more accessible

We added key events to the carousel on the homepage

It’s hard to find organisation directories

We changed the wording on the home page to make it clearer


We added a link to the directory on the homepage carousel


We added a ‘view all’ button to make it easier to browse

It’s not easy for parents who are new to SEND know where to look for information and it’s written from a perspective that parents / kids know all about the process

We added an introductory page going back to basics explaining some of the key terms and SEND framework

If something goes wrong, where do we look?

We added a section on who can help if a family feels like they can’t cope anymore


We made our content on ‘Resolving disagreements’ more prominent

Peer group chat to connect with others

We raised this with the Barnet Parent Carer Forum

Some of the headings on the home page weren’t clear

We changed the headings based on suggestions from parents to make them clearer


We added ‘roll over’ text, so when you hoover the curser over a home page header, you’re given some basic information on what you’ll find within those pages


We added a section on therapies’ to the home page

The images on the prototype site aren’t representative of our local community

We changed the images to make them more diverse

We don’t know who’s who!

We added a ‘who’s who’ page

Parents need information available in languages other than English

The new site has an embedded translate function

We need the website to work in a range of different, accessible formats

The new site has a range of accessible functions