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17 November 2020
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The Content Kit
Inclusion Advisory Team

The Leading edge Group for Literacy Difficulties worked together to develop a Literacy Skills Content Kit for Schools. The Content Kit came about because of discussions with staff in a number of Barnet schools about what to teach children in Key Stages 2 and 3 who were struggling to learn to read and write. The aim of the Content Kit is to highlight some of the most useful early skills and knowledge needed for literacy. It is aimed at those people supporting pupils who are struggling to learn to read and write, in Key Stage 2 and above, however, it is also proving to be a useful tool for key Stage 1. Take a look at the Content Kit in the links below to find out more

Leader(s): Liz Severn

The training is covered over three sessions;

Content Kit: assessments and phonics
Content Kit: reading and spelling the high frequency words
Content Kit: spelling rules, punctuation and the alphabet


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This is a series of online sessions


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£150 per delegate or 30 minutes deducted from IAT hours



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