created by SR published on 07 June 2021

The Autism Advisory team is  collecting information about  the experience of autism diagnosis and support for autistic children and young people  in the borough. We welcome responses from parents / carers of children and young people of all ages. 

We aim to use feedback to inform and further develop our educational support services for autistic children/young people and their families.

This information will be used anonymously- we will NOT be asking participants for any personal information.

The results will be shared with Barnet Education and Learning Service (BELS) and wider Barnet teams that work with autistic children/young people. The anonymous results may be posted publicly, including on the Barnet Local Offer webpage.

Parents/carers/families should answer in relation to their autistic child/young person. If they have more than one child/young person with an autism diagnosis, they may either answer this survey in relation to all of them, or complete an additional survey for each child/young person.

The closing date of the survey is 18/06/2021

How do I complete the survey?

To complete the survey click here:  Microsoft Forms



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