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Below you will find useful information and links to support you and your child during your time at home. These have been divided into the following sections to provide you with a range of resources for home learning as well as information to support you:

  1. Learning Resources
  2. Wellbeing Resources
  3. Fun Family Activities
  4. Information and Support

We would like you to feel able to use these resources in a way that is helpful to you and your child, and that is appropriate to their individual needs. 

1. Learning Resources  


Links to free educational resources: a comprehensive list of organisations offering free access to educational resources with hyperlinks to their webpages: Links to free educational resources

ICT, Special Needs and Inclusion – provides a comprehensive overview of useful sites for learning from home for children and young people with SEND:

The Sensory Projects  - a website that signposts and shares links to a range of resources aimed at supporting children and young people with a range of special educational needs and disabilities:

Helpful Hints for supporting Literacy - some helpful tips from our Barnet Specialist Inclusion Services on how to support your child with literacy: Helpful Hints for supporting Literacy

National Literacy Trust - Home learning literacy resources for parents/carers of children aged 0 to 12 years:

The Communication Trust - resources for parents/carers to support children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties:

Chatterpack - free speech and language communication and SEND resources for schools and parents/carers

Singing Hands – a website that helps us to learn Makaton. It includes well known songs and stories you can watch and teach yourself:

Story Telling in Sign 

Signed stories from Frank Barnes School for Dear Children:

Signed stories including practising of key vocabulary from the stories: Signed Stories

ITV Signed Stories (with spoken English):

Fine Motor Skills Activities - a helpful resource with a range of fine motor skills activities from our Barnet Specialist Inclusion Services: Fine Motor Skills Activities

Gross Motor Skills Activities - a range of twenty gross motor skills activities from our Barnet Specialist Inclusion Services: Gross Motor Skills Activities

OTPlan – an OT search engine that gives a range of games and activities to support gross motor skill development using common household materials:    

Rob Biddulph – a range of draw-along videos:

NHS Videos - The NHS have released a set of videos to support families of children with SEND in response to the Covid-19 situation. They are currently available in 3 languages:

Supporting Literacy and Maths at Home for different age groups (National Deaf Children's Society)

A range of helpful links to support learning at home:

Maintaining Hearing Devices 

Central Institute for the Deaf  has an excellent ‘Quick Tip’ video library including topics for:

  • Troubleshooting hearing aids, bone conduction devices and cochlear implants
  • How to insert an earmould and trim new tubing
  • Listening and Language techniques

This can help to provide support whilst at home. Click on the link to find out more: Quick Tip Videos

Connevans Limited has helpful youtube videos for troubleshooting hearing technology including radio aids.


2. Wellbeing Resources

Widgit - free range of Widgit symbols to help create resources in relation to the Coronavirus:  

Covibook - an interactive resource to support children:

Coronavirus A Book for Children - Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo and author has teamed up to create 'Coronavirus: A Book for Children' from Nosy Crow Books. The book is aimed at helping primary aged children understand the immense changes happening around the world: Coronavirus A book for children

Mencap - an easy read guide about the Coronavirus for young adults:

Anna Freud Centre - information and advice for parents/carers and professionals on supporting young people's mental health during periods of disruption:

Mindfulness Headspace App - a free mindfulness resource for everyone and also includes support for school staff:

Place2be – helpful information to support children, young people and their families:

Young Minds – Coronavirus advice and mental health support


3. Fun Familiy Activities

Entertainment at Home - some ideas for fun activities that you and your child can do together: Entertainment at Home Activities

Color Push - is a lovely interactive and relaxing art activity you can take part in with your children:


4. Information and Support for Parents/Carers

Barnet Autism Advisory Team - are offering telephone support to parents/carers of autistic children & young people living in Barnet. Click on the link to find out more: Barnet Autism Advisory Team Telephone Hotline

Barnet Mencap - Barnet Mencap are offering telephone parenting support - whether you're looking for ideas and strategies or just somebody to chat to. Click on this flyer for more information: Barnet Mencap Flyer

Council for Disabled Children - regular updates and a range of resources to support you:

Contact - helpful information for families with disabled children:

Include Me Too - a UK based charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families:


Further links and resources will be added to this page on a regular basis so do check back for updates.

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