created by NB published on 07 October 2019

London Councils have recently published “Inclusive practice – The role of mainstream schools and local authorities in supporting children with SEND” highlighting some excellent practice in London schools and local authorities and prompting schools, local authorities and national government to think about what more could be done to ensure that all children access mainstream education where appropriate.

The report makes a number of recommendations including: sustaining a sufficient level of high needs funding from government in line with rising numbers and costs; a clearer steer from government on inclusion of children with SEND in mainstream schools;  further prioritisation of inclusion in Ofsted inspections;  an update of the SEND Code of Practice to clarify schools’ duties in relation to supporting children with SEND, and schools remaining financially accountable for pupils they permanently exclude.

The report also contains information for schools on developing an inclusive culture and practice and some examples of how local authorities are facilitating inclusion in mainstream schools.

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