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Barnet Resilient School Programme

The mental health and wellbeing of children and young people can affect them for the rest of their lives.  Supporting their mental health at this early stage can help them cope better with life, whatever it throws at them.   

The growing number of children and young people experiencing poor mental health is one of the greatest challenges facing our schools.  One in ten young people have some form of diagnosable mental health condition and we know that half of these are established before the age of fourteen. Furthermore there has been a rapid increase in referrals to Barnet’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

What is Barnet Resilient Schools Programme?

The Resilient Schools programme provides a framework for schools to assess and improve mental health and wellbeing support to pupils, parent and carers and all staff within the school. 

Resilience is seen when people (pupils, parents/carers and staff) have a greater ability “bounce back’’ when faced with difficulties and achieve positive outcomes.

The programme aims to:

  • Help schools, parents and pupils to recognise their own mental wellbeing needs and be confident to access information to support themselves and others
  • De-stigmatise mental health in schools
  • Intervene early to prevent escalation of mental health problems
  • Involve parents, pupils and schools in tackling issues

Based on 8 workstreams:

  • Support and training for staff to build skills and capacity in own resilience
  • Support networks that enable pupils to develop social relationships
  • Teaching and learning that develops resilient learners
  • A curriculum that develops life skills including social and emotional skills
  • Specific help for vulnerable pupils
  • Effective partnerships with parents
  • Clear vision and values that are understood and consistently communicated
  • Digital Resilience

Becoming a Resilient School

The following schools are participating in the Resilient Schools programme over 2018/19.




Whitefields  (Wave 1)

Holly Park (Wave 1)

The Pavilion (PRU)

Friern Barnet

Childshill (Wave 1)

Oak Lodge (SEND)


St Andrews

Oakhill Academy (ESMH)

St James Catholic

Queenswell Infants

Northgate (ESMH)


St. Johns CofE



St. Marys CofE



Our Lady of Lourdes







The remaining schools will join the programme in 2019/20.


The application process will be advertised within the school circular in the first summer term, with the application process being open for a further three weeks after.

For Further information about the Resilient Schools Programme please contact or call 07927548871

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